Therapeutic Approach

Solution-Focused Therapy/Short Term Counseling

Solution-Focused Therapy is an intervention that concentrates on finding solutions to problems rather than determining the “why” a problem has occurred or developed. This approach is quite common and recognized worldwide as a short-term approach to resolving problems. By implementing Solution-Focused Therapy it allows you to concentrate on looking forward.

Short Term Counseling/Brief Psychotherapy
Mental health treatment doesn’t have to be a long-term process. Red Oak Counseling also provides short-term counseling services to help navigate temporary hardship, or brief counseling interventions to offer maintenance of previous treatment gains. We focus on identifying issues or concerns, developing strategies to reach specific goals, problem solving and providing support. Our aim is to give you the tools that you may need moving forward. Your therapist will go over their recommendations for your specific goals and develop a path that fits you.

Solution-Focused Therapy/Short Term Counseling

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