One of the goals of mental awareness month is to let individuals know that it is ok to admit that you are not ok. The phrase “it’s ok to not be ok” is about breaking the silence and give encouragement to ask for help. Many times, when we know something is not right with ourselves. Or, we have an experienced physical, sexual, or emotional trauma a common response is what’s wrong with me. The shame response leads many individuals to be silent. Carrying the burden of the trauma and the story we tell ourselves in silence can be overwhelming.

One of the hardest things we can ever do is talk about the thing we want to forget forever. But we can’t forget. It seems counterintuitive but talking with a “safe” person is the beginning of the healing. It exposes Light to the darkness of the trauma. It reduces the shame. It does not make the trauma go away but begins to address the story we have replaying in our mind.

I honor anyone who has the courage to go into the dark places of shame and ask for guidance on the path of emotional freedom.

It’s ok to ask for guidance.

–kevin polky, CADC, LCSW

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