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Integrative Psychiatry

The focus of integrative psychiatry is to blend traditional and non-traditional treatments in the healing process. In integrative psychiatry clients are assessed and treated holistically. All aspects are taken into consideration: from diet to exercise, symptoms and disease processes as well as the spiritual aspects of a person’s life. Traditional medicine often teaches treatment of disease processes as singular entities. Integrative medicine seeks to treat the client with the understanding that all things are inter-related. Treatments can be found in therapeutic approaches as well as teaching proper nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and self-healing. Red Oak Counseling is a clinic that strives to reconnect people to themselves and to teach them that with the proper tools and treatments they can find healing and enrichment in their lives. Red Oak Counseling Psychiatry Exclusion Criteria >

Medication Management

In some instances, when therapy, exercise and supplementation is not enough, medications are indicated to aid in the treatment and management of a client’s symptoms and treatment.  In these cases, our prescribers will discuss with the client the risks, benefits and side effects of these medications that they may feel are indicated and will only prescribe if both they and the client are in agreement. 

Red Oak Counseling has a strict policy against prescribing opiates as these are not indicated in psychiatric and mental health concerns.  In the case that other narcotic level medications are prescribed, a strict contractual agreement will be entered by provider and client.


Spravato Treatment

Ketamine is the generic equivalent of Spravato. It has been used as an off-label treatment for depression for a number of years with excellent efficacy. However, until now ketamine was available only as an intravenous (IV) treatment. Spravato is a nasal spray with a novel delivery mechanism that provides precise dosing without the need for an IV. This provides a simpler, more comfortable option for patients who are suffering from depression.

Spravato has a novel chemical mechanism of action. Traditional antidepressants work by augmenting the levels of serotonin, norepinephrine, or dopamine in the brain through what is known as reuptake inhibition. Spravato works on a completely different neurochemical system. It is known as an NMDA-receptor antagonist which regulates glutamate, a neurotransmitter distinct from those previously targeted by antidepressants.

Ketamine can cause feelings of euphoria and dissociation. It can also cause sedation and a temporary increase in blood pressure (on average 10 points). For these reasons Spravato has to be administered in a doctor’s office that has been certified by the FDA mandated monitoring program for the medication.

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