Eating Disorders

Eating disorders represent a class of mental health disorders charactered by a person struggling with their relationship with food, weight, and/or body image. People with these disorders often associate their weight & body image with their self-worth and develop behaviors related to this belief. These include restricting their calories, bingeing, purging, or excessive exercise. Additionally, many people with eating disorders experience anxiety or depression in relation to topics surrounding food or body image.

Our eating disorder treatment team has expertise in treating individuals with all types of eating disorders and body image disturbances. Therapists can offer both individual and group therapy to help you process and recognize behaviors/distorted cognition’s relating to your eating disorder/body image disturbance. Clients may also benefit from the services of our dietician in assessing their specific nutritional needs and goals. Please give our office a call at (262) 780-1020 if you feel that this type of therapy may be beneficial to you.

– Our expertise includes the following: 
Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Body Image, Female Athlete Triad, Nutritional Counseling

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