Self-Esteem is the confidence we have in our own worth or abilities, how we perceive our value to the world, and how valuable we believe we are to others. We all know that self-esteem can be an important part of success. Too little self-esteem can leave people feeling defeated or depressed. It can also lead people to make bad choices, fall into destructive relationships, or fail to live up to their full potential. Positive self-esteem gives us the power and flexibility to take control of our lives and grow from our mistakes without the fear of rejection. We can assist you with increasing your self-esteem and finding ways to counteract the negative thoughts and feelings that you may be dealing with. Our counselors offer both individual and group therapy, to help you process and recognize behaviors/distorted thoughts relating to your low self-esteem. If you have any questions about this or anything else please give us a call at (262) 780-1020.