Krista Dudley


Krista Dudley, LPC, SASA, specializes in the areas of anxiety, depression, bipolar, autism, family concerns, relationship issues, sexual issues, career struggles, fitness and wellness. Krista uses a combination of positive psychology along with motivational interviewing techniques to assist you in discovering where your self-motivation lies. Krista has found that encouraging clients to be self-motivated and self-driven is the only way to create lasting change. Lasting change doesn’t come from just offering insight, but instead it comes from teaching powerful life skills, and encouraging self-reflection.Krista encourages clients to incorporate physical exercise into their daily routine, create healthy habits, and learn new coping skills. Krista has found that incorporating this into their lifestyle helps decrease mental health concerns and has an above average to high success rate in employment outcomes. Krista’s goal is to specialize in treating mental illness with a wellness approach that encompasses diet, exercise, and ancient eastern practices. She implements her organizational skills and interpersonal abilities to achieve faster and better outcomes, as well as add tremendous value to people’s lives.

Additional Interests: leadership, animal psychology, running, cross-fit, travel, food, and indoor target shooting.