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Kevin Schaefer

Kevin Schaefer – Recovery Coach, Counselor and Interventionist | SAC, CIP, NCRC

Kevin Schaefer is a Wisconsin State Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC), Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC). He holds an Associate’s degree in Music Business. He is CPR certified and a former EMT. Kevin has been part of the recovery community for over 27 years.

Kevin’s kind and compassionate demeanor, balanced with a straight-forward approach, makes him one of the top recovery coaches and substance abuse counselors in the Midwest. His willingness to do whatever it takes to move his clients into recovery is what truly sets him apart. Kevin recognizes that addiction is powerful and has no limits. He began his career in the recovery industry by helping families and their loved ones as an interventionist and recovery coach for one of Milwaukee’s premier sober living houses. His ability to quickly develop rapport with clients is due to the fact that Kevin “has been there.” A recovering alcoholic and addict himself, he learned to respect the disease of addiction through his own personal battle into recovery. With a “tough love” approach, Kevin helps clients take the necessary action that will make an impact in their life. 

His passion for recovery is evident and touches all aspects of his life. Whether it’s cognitive behavioral or experiential therapy, he incorporates various recovery modalities in his work with clients.

Kevin really practices what he promotes. He has maintained sobriety for 27 years through a balanced diet, consistent exercise, yoga and meditation, and regular fun on the golf course. He also attributes his long-term sobriety to participating in 12-step recovery groups. Whether you’re struggling to maintain sobriety or in the throes of a relapse, Kevin can assist you in your recovery.

“There is hope, recovery is possible, and a fulfilling life can be yours.”

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