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Kevin Polky CADC, LCSW

Kevin Polky – Executive Director | CADC, LCSW

With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Kevin Polky is amply qualified to oversee KP counseling as both founder and executive director. He is a licensed clinical social worker, certified alcohol and drug counselor, certified school social worker, executive coach, former football and strength coach, and personal trainer. Kevin has worked with individuals, families, and organizations in areas of Illinois and Wisconsin and currently works with individual clients and their families at KP Counseling. He also facilitates three men’s groups, conducts workshops and seminars, and serves as a consultant to businesses, schools, and churches. In 2010, Kevin founded Four Corners Wellness which has evolved into a company that produces workshops and trainings, business consulting, and executive coaching. In 2016, Kevin founded Shatter Our Silence a not-for-profit company to increase awareness and educate on the factors that lead to suicide in young adults.

Kevin has written or co-authored seven different leadership programs: Working with Disruptive Students I and II – 32 hrs., Solution-Focused Safety Program (developing a safety culture within a manufacturing/industrial environment) – 32 hrs., Striving for Excellence (developing a culture of excellence within the industrial environment) – 16 hrs., Impact of Young Adult Suicide and What We Can — 6 hrs., SISU-Developing Resilience — 3 hrs., Caring for the Care-Giver — 3 hrs., Order-Disorder-Reorder: Preparing for the Re-Order of COVID-19 – 3 hrs., and Managing Stress and Developing Resilience — 3 hrs.

In 2019, he launched his weekly podcast “Kevin Polky-The Journey” based on stories and conversations with individuals regarding their journey of transformation from setbacks to soaring. In 2020, Kevin added to his executive director position by taking over the same role at Red Oak Counseling at their Elm Grove and Oak Creek locations (both located in Wisconsin). In 2021, Kevin continues to expand his role as executive director in Wisconsin by taking the helm of Sherman Counseling in the Appleton, WI area leading their 10 offices.

He volunteers at local schools and churches, teaching youth and adult classes on a variety of psycho-social-spiritual material. He is active on a variety of non-for-profits board of directors for local agencies. Kevin’s favorite activities outside of KP counseling, Red Oak and Sherman Counseling include spending time with family, exercising, supporting the arts, reading, and enjoying God’s presence through nature. If you need to schedule an appointment with Kevin, you would need to contact him directly. He does not see clients at Red Oak Counseling.

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