All of our programs start with a comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment which includes an Addiction Assessment to ensure the level of treatment that is necessary for your recovery.

We offer a wide range of treatment services for addictions & compulsive behaviors such as: alcohol, drugs, smoking, food, work, computer/internet use, gambling, exercise, & shopping to name a few.

Some of the topics covered in our groups are: addiction education, family dynamics, addictive patterns, relationships, relapse prevention, compulsive or impulsive behaviors, sobriety as a life style, emotions, minimization, maintenance, & developing healthy coping skills.

Group Schedules:
  • Tuesday Evening Education group 7:00-8:00 pm for those dealing with legal consequences of drugs or alcohol.
  • Wednesday Morning Recovery Group 10:00 am–11 am
  • Wednesday Afternoon/Early Evening Alcohol Recovery Group 500 pm-6:00 pm
  • Thursday Evening Recovery Group 7:00 pm-8:00 pm

At the assessment you & your therapist will determine which group is appropriate.

Services are often insurance reimbursable or we offer self-pay options. Please call prior to your appointment with your insurance information so that we can perform a complimentary benefit check and/or discuss self-pay options.

Groups facilitated by : Leslie Clark, LPC, CSAC, CIR; Sue Kalensky, LPC, SASA, CIR; Shannon Lee, MA, LPC-IT, SAC-IT; Adam Barboff, LPC, NCC, SAC, Roxanne Guenther, LCSW, SASA, and Jenny Klucarich, LPC, SAC-IT

Substance Abuse Group Testimonials

“Talking about what the group wanted to discuss and the trust felt in the group were most helpful. I opened up about things that I haven’t told anyone and they were important obstacles that I had to address. I would highly recommend this AODA group to anyone struggling with drugs/alcohol/addiction. Words cannot express how much it has helped me in my recovery.” – CK

“Leslie is a very talented group facilitator. She does a good job of getting people to open up and leading the group to collaborate.” – DP