Family and Parent Support – DBT Skills Group

Thursdays: 6 pm to 7 pm

If you have a teen currently starting or that has completed a DBT program, this DBT Family Skills Group is for you.

In this 14-week group, you will learn how to support your family member utilizing Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills:

  • You will learn what skill to utilize to work with your teen
  • How DBT skills are designed to manage intense emotions
  • Ways to assist with a safety plan and provide support to your teen
  • Ways to understand and validate your teen’s intense emotions and validate their felt experience

***Candidates for this group must have a teen starting DBT Skills Group at Red Oak Counseling Or have had a teen who has successfully completed Adolescent DBT Skills

***This is a closed group format, meaning that material in each session is important to the following group sessions. Please contact the group facilitator prior to joining if there are scheduling concerns that may prevent full participation in the 14-week course.

Space is limited, please call today to reserve and confirm your spot. Services are often insurance reimbursable or we offer self-pay options. Please call prior to your appointment with your information so that we can perform a complimentary benefit check and/or discuss self-pay options. If you are not a current client of Red Oak Counseling, an initial assessment may be required to determine group readiness. Please note there is an additional fee for this assessment, if needed.