Wouldn’t it feel good to feel confident with the body you have now? The media, personal experiences, food issues, and low self-esteem contribute to negative feelings about our body.

The Body Image Group will benefit those wanting to develop a more satisfying and accepting relationship with their body. You will explore these topics over a 10 week period. A workbook is used as part of the growth process and will be supplied at your initial group. Body image is your relationship with your body-perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions that pertain to your physical appearance. When our body image is unhealthy it can take it’s toll on the way we feel about ourselves, how we pursue life and how we often live small.

How do I know if this group is right for me?


  • You find yourself in a love/hate relationship with your body or aspects of your physical appearance that you really dislike?
  • You think more about what you dislike about your looks than what you like?
  • You spend a lot of time worrying about what others think about your looks/your body?
  • You question your self-worth based on how you look?
  • You can’t seem to stop the negative thoughts that keep popping up in your head about your looks?
  • You avoid activities and situations due to feeling self-conscious about the way you look?
  • You feel emotional about your looks and the feelings get in the way of enjoying life?
  • You have difficulty accepting the body you live in?

This group will assist you in making peace with that body that is yours and finding the unique beauty in your shape, style and splendor.

Topics will build upon each other so your commitment to attending each session is extremely important to get the most out of the group experience. A workbook is used as part of the growth process and will be supplied at your initial group. Please call to confirm your space and payment eligibility. Space is limited so call today.

If you are not a current client of Red Oak Counseling, Ltd., an initial assessment is required to determine group readiness prior to the group start date. Please note there is an additional fee for this assessment, if required. Often, initial assessment and group is covered by your insurance. Call for a complimentary benefits check.

Body Image Group Testimonials:

“Jenny’s group has helped me improve my body image so it has less of a negative impact on my life or my day to day emotions…overall life satisfaction.” – J.Z.

“I gained a lot of insight re: body image, distorted thinking and the profound effect it’s had on me on a daily basis on so many levels of my being. I never realized what a prisoner I had been all these years! This group has been a great step towards my freedom!” – E.C.

“I really enjoyed this group. Having people who are going through the same thing makes it comforting to talk about. I’ve come a long way but still have far to go, but it’ll be nice having the book to revert back to.” – K.A.