After reading one of my daily reflections, I meditated on the silently powerful aspect of character. How do you know one’s character? Is it important to know one’s character?

What is character? I have come to define character as who I am when no one is watching. Similar, intentionally aligning my words and actions.

I think a good test for this is asking yourself, “will I be proud of the decisions I am making today at some point in future.” Or, if my mom or a mentor was watching me would I be good with the decisions that I am making.

Number one, I think this is easier said then done. It takes intention and discipline. And it takes the willingness to adjust and self-correct when there is a discrepancy between your words and actions. It is less about perfection and more about learning from your setbacks and continue the journey of living a life of congruent, life-giving character.

Will you choose to live a life of character you will proud of in 20 years?

Kevin Polky, CADC, LCSW

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