It is a brisk October night as I am watching the sunset. The distant sky is filled with pink, blue and grey. The pink grows to an orangish, red and appears to consume more and more of the Western sky. It evens begins to reach overhead. In time, it changes to purple and then grows to a darker greyish, grape.

I was reflecting on a conversation I had with a friend of mine, Lennox, who was born without sight. The first light he saw was at the age of 8. I asked what it was like not being able to see. What were your dreams like?

One of the standout comments were his concept of God.
His perception of God was sensory not visual. He felt and experienced God.
He said after receiving his sight his perception of God changed. Not worse. Not better. Just different.

I wondered about myself, and my perception and relationship with God. My thinking usually interferes with experiencing God. The rules and the expectations I have been taught. The fear of the unknown, being wrong and being judged has definitely put limits on my perception.

But, then I quietly watch a sunset. Feel the breeze. Listen to the leaves. And, I can see without limitations. I am experiencing with awe and curiosity.

Will you choose to be open to what you cannot see.

kevin polky, CADC, LCSW

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