On my morning walk with our dog, I reflected on the absence of human sounds and tuned into the sounds of the birds and nature. In the Upper Midwest in March a very special thing happens, everything begins to warm from the bitterness of winter but there is still a coolness in the air reminding us that Spring has yet to emerge. The snow has melted but the grass is still brown. The trees are bare, but you can see the dried leaves on the ground.

Our life can be so busy planning and looking for the next event or project to start. Other times, we find ourselves fixated on the memories of days gone by. But, what about the in between? During this walk, I was reminded of the special and sacredness of these in between times. It is in these times there is something for us to experience as well. Maybe, it is time to slow down, be still and just be in the moment. Maybe, it is time to be open to the small things. Maybe, it is time to rest and just be in this moment. What I know for sure Spring will come and the next event will be upon us soon enough.

Today, I will commit to be present in this moment.

Today, I will savor the in between times.

Will you choose to experience the in between moments?

kevin polky, CADC, LCSW

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