At Red Oak Counseling we find great pride in the feedback from our current clients. Here is what a few of them have to say…

“Before I came to Red Oak counseling, I had given up on therapists and therapy in general. I was convinced that I would never find the right therapist for me. I never thought that I would find someone that understood me and my struggles. I was wrong. I found the right fit. It is so comforting to have someone that celebrates in my accomplishments and helps me through my struggles, the way that Leslie does. Leslie has been nothing but amazing in helping me through my struggle with O.C.D. She has never made me feel as though there is something wrong with me, rather she has provided me with coping skills, encouragement, and endless support. I cannot recommend Red Oak Counseling enough, as the kindness starts from the moment you walk in the door and continues even after you leave.” –TMC

“About three years ago, I came to Red Oak and met Leslie for the first time. I tried to convince myself that seeing someone would help, yet I was always reluctant to go and even more reluctant to share. I was scared- scared to speak up and scared to share my truth. I didn’t want to confront my problems, and I didn’t understand that it was possible that if I worked hard, they could go away. But eventually Leslie brought me out of my shell and helped me to make changes to myself that I never imagined possible. The person I was when I first met Leslie would not even recognize who I am today. I am forever grateful for Leslie and her amazing talents and huge heart. She has impacted my life in more ways than she even realizes. Even though my immediate problems and concerns have since wavered, I still see Leslie to this day, as she offers me refreshing perspectives and outlooks and pushes me to be the best version of myself. I would readily recommend anyone to Red Oak, especially to see Leslie, as she truly is amazing at what she does.” – CA

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Red Oak Counseling. From the welcoming reception to the relaxing waiting room to my compassionate and experienced counselor, I have had an overall excellent experience. I have referred friends to Red Oak because the staff treats you with discretion, doesn’t make you feel self-conscious and are partners with you in your problem solving.” – SP

“I have been through several therapists in the last decade. It was just so hard to find the “right fit”. My husband and I started seeing Coleen Kittleson for family counseling. I did share with Coleen of my frustration finding the “right fit” for an individual therapist. She was able to nail down who my new “right fit” would be. Heidi Conto is her name, and she has been the best thing that has happened to me. I was in awe that we clicked so fast and it was so easy. She was able to listen to my vulnerability and add her own to my story. It made her real and relatable. This was such an important piece for me. I work in Healthcare as well and have done this with my own patients. However, I wanted to find a therapist that would sit with me and show understanding and empathy. The entire staff at Red Oak Counseling has been respectful and helpful to me and my family and I thank you for that.” – TH

“Red Oak Counseling is a very professional business that genuinely cares about their clientele. Both my daughter and I received their services and both of us had pleasant experiences. We never once felt uncomfortable or judged by their staff as they helped us overcome our personal struggles. We are grateful to the ROC staff. We truly miss being part of their client family, but are grateful to no longer require their services. In the event we ever need services again that they offer, they would be our first call. Thank you ROC!” – JW

“During a tumultuous time for our family, our son struggled with depression and anxiety issues. After many failed attempts at other counseling places, my son did want any more counseling. My ex-husband and I found Red Oak and Kendall Crook agreed to see my ex-husband and I even if our son did not come. He listened and helped us gain strategies to help our son. We felt we finally had hope and ultimately our son is doing very well a year later. If it were not for Kendall’s caring heart and willingness to walk alongside us during that difficult time, we would have lost hope quickly as well. We cannot thank him enough for investing in our family and stepping into the mess to bring order and healing. Thank you Kendall!” – VV

“Shannon Lee has been nothing less than AMAZING! She goes out of her way to ensure the safety for her patients and makes you feel completely comfortable. I am always at ease and feel very open and safe with her. It means a lot to me because it is helping me get the help that I truly need. I don’t feel like I have to put up a wall or a mask. I can be open and honest and not judged at all. Highly recommend her!” – JH

“Kendall is a very kind and caring counselor with many years of experience. He was able to help my daughter work through her issues, which aided in her becoming a wonderful young lady.” – DF

“Working with Leslie has been a great experience. She has challenged me, been supportive when needed and helped me grow throughout our time together. I highly recommend her as a therapist and Red Oak in general.” – AK

“In my late 40’s, I had no line of sight to have a need for counseling until a substance abuse issue made it crucial for me to seek help. I’m so happy to have found Red Oak, and my counselor, who has given me fantastic insight into how I need to move forward with my life. The sessions at Red Oak have given me a much better perspective on how I interpret the really important aspects of my life, and how I had previously allowed substance abuse to control my whole life. Red Oak also introduced me to secondary treatment options – such as acupuncture, which has helped me relax and put negative consequences in perspective.” – CM

“I have been going for counseling at Red Oak for almost 8 months. I have found my counselor extremely professional, understanding, helpful, and always ready to go the extra mile for me. I have gained some valuable insight about myself- I felt very comfortable sharing some very difficult experiences that I have had over the last year. I feel understood and my experience has been wonderful. I, also, have found the Red Oak staff to be extremely professional and pleasant. When you go to Red Oak, you feel that you have friends that care about you. I would recommend them to anyone!” – MH

“I find Red Oak staff to always be friendly, considerate, and nonjudgmental. I actually look forward to my appointments. I always feel supported. Thanks!” – DM

“The team at Red Oak is an incredibly kind set of professionals who have provided terrific support during challenging times. They are true educators in self-care who are grounded in dignity and respect – but their style is also one of warmth and kindness. The result is a safe and productive atmosphere to explore yourself.” – JD

“I blindly called Red Oak Counseling from an internet search and was immediately comfortable with the person on the other line. After my first meeting I knew I was in the right place. I initially came to you because my attorney told me that it would help my DUI case. I was adamant that I didn’t have a problem with alcohol and this was pointless …little did I know I was going to really benefit from my group sessions at Red Oak. I didn’t realize how many feelings and emotions I was dealing with. I felt ashamed, scared, guilty, and I felt like my family and friends were trying to help, but didn’t really understand what I was dealing with. The group sessions were so helpful, and I met so many nice people that were going through similar ordeals and could relate. The counselors made me feel comfortable, and I didn’t feel like I was being judged. They truly helped me get through my horrible ordeal and I’m so thankful I made that initial call! I will recommend anyone I know that is going through a similar situation or for any other reason. Thank you Red Oak, for helping me get through my difficult time and move on with my life.” – LM

“I have had a wonderful experience. I came to Coleen with a very heavy burden and she helped me and my daughter to heal. She helped me to smile and laugh again. She is thoughtful, considerate and kind. All of the office staff I have spoken to have been very kind and helpful as well.” – IK

“Red Oak Counseling is worth the commute! They take the time to make sure one sets attainable goals in order to measure their personal success and coping, while giving them the tools, encouragement, and support to cope through any life change or traumatic event for families and individuals from all walks of life.” – KF

“My daughter has been in counseling for over 5 years and the counselor she was seeing was leaving the practice and she could not see her anymore. This was at a time my daughter was going through some rough things and really needed the counseling and support. I was very concerned and anxious having to change her counselor at a time when she had a lot of things going on that were very hard for her to cope with. Kendall was able to establish trust from my 11 year old daughter in just a few sessions. Once that trust was established you could truly see the positive effects the sessions were showing. She really looks forward to her sessions with Kendall because she knows it’s a safe place for her to really express how she feels without being judged but also able to talk and sort through how she may be feeling to express them in a positive and productive way.” – EL

“Jenny P. has helped me get through issues and understand pains that I have carried since my childhood. I am a better husband and father due to Jenny’s help. Thanks for all you have done Jenny P.” – SB

“My therapist helped me greatly in dealing with the stress and feelings following the sudden loss of my husband of 25 years. I don’t think I would have gotten there as quickly without her and I will reconnect with her if I slip back or feel a need to share in the future. I am glad there are people like you in the world.” – CG

“Working with Lenny has been comfortable and natural. He provides clarity into my feelings and actionable next steps, all the while creating a safe environment to share my story. Lenny is a wonderful listener and provides honest feedback.” – CB

“Working with my therapist, I have learned valuable life skills and developed better ways to communicate not only with my family but everyone. Having someone who you can talk to who, who listens and cares – that’s what makes it a great experience for me.” – PA

“My daughter’s therapist really has a way with teens and really connects with them. She is quite direct, calls kids on their behavior, but does it in such a way that still makes them want to come back. I truly believe that she saved our family.” – MMS

“I have received services from Red Oak Counseling over the last several years. The staff is committed to providing genuine care and quality services. I have never encountered such loving, caring, and understanding people. My life has changed dramatically and I will forever be grateful for the help received from everyone: like Ashley, always greeting me with a smile, Sue, the best therapist in the world, and Roxie, the bomb boss. Need I say more, Red Oak Counseling’s clinic and staff are the greatest!” – AR

“When I started seeing Roxanne I was so stressed and overwhelmed with many different things and stressors in my life, not to mention that my marriage was headed towards divorce. From day one when I met her I was comfortable, never felt judged, and was able to express what I was really feeling and thinking. She was not only able to help me maneuver and sort through the struggles I was dealing with personally but with Roxie & Lenny’s help and guidance my husband and I were able to work together in couples counseling through our problems and save our marriage.” – EW

“When I found Red Oak Counseling, I had recently started seeking counseling for anxiety and OCD and was having difficulty finding the right therapist. After stumbling upon the bios of a couple Red Oak counselors, I knew I had found the right fit. I have been attending sessions for several months now and I plan on continuing as it has become a key component to my overall health. I know that life will be filled with its share of struggles, but I now have a new sense of confidence and control because of the tools provided to me at Red Oak Counseling.” – KB

“After only two sessions Lenny has led me on a new journey into self-awareness, behavior changes and breathing techniques all to overcome my addiction and make me a better person.” – Anonymous

“I am extremely thankful for Red Oak Counseling. Their team is extremely professional, but has incredible warmth to their nature. I attended a Survivors group and individual therapy. During this time, I was able to create goals for my mental and personal well-being. I also was able to tune into my strengths and honor my experiences as I encouraged others and received their support. Red Oak Counseling also has great resources and connections to the community. If their team isn’t able to meet the needs of their clients they can refer you to amazing professionals. My daughter was too young to receive their care, and they gave me an amazing referral to Children’s. I am so thankful for Red Oak. They helped me find the power and beauty of being my new self. As a survivor they have helped me honor my experience, but not let is consume me. I am so thankful that my Primary Care Physician referred me to them.” – KF

“I have been seeing Coleen for a short time. When I first arrived I was unsure of my own feelings and my life felt out of control. Coleen has helped to transform my life. With her help, my life is more positive and fruitful in all aspects.” – EK

“I recently started to go to Red Oak Counseling and I am glad I chose you guys. I had never been to a Psychologist/Therapist before in my life and I am glad I came, it’s helped me a lot so far, thank you!” – JM

“Ashley, I have to say that you made the difference in our coming to Red Oak. The first time I called and talked to you, you just seemed caring, kind, empathetic – it was a difficult call to make, but you made me feel at ease. For all the times I called with questions and schedule changes, you were always patient and helpful. Does Red Oak realize how lucky they are to have you? I hope so!” – MMS

“Ashley was extremely helpful from the beginning to help me understand the details of insurance.” – KA

“My husband had an addiction for many years. He tried to kick it on his own and failed several times. He was faced with seeking counseling or losing his family. He chose to go to Red Oak. We both received awesome help and advice from his therapist. We have rebuilt our marriage and family. Things are better than I ever expected them to be! Our excellent therapist helped us to get through this time with patience and caring. She was always there for us (even outside the office) and we felt we could go to her at any time for anything. I highly recommend Red Oak Counseling!”

“Red Oak helped not only me, but my whole family get through some incredibly tough times. We went as a family and then also went as individuals. We are all the better for it. They helped keep us from drowning and to all become better individuals and a better family. They showed us how to summon our strength and power and use it to help ourselves. I recommend them all the time.”

“I don’t know where to start in reviewing Red Oak. They helped me through a dark time and opened my eyes to a new way of seeing the world. The counseling I received there literally saved my life. I can’t recommend them enough. I have enjoyed my time with Red Oak Counseling. They have helped me through some difficult times and the staff there is exceptional at all times. Their professionalism is a breath of fresh air. They are at all times focused on the patient and their needs and results. I would highly recommend them to friends and family and the general public.”

“I have been working with Jennifer for a couple years. This is the first time I have been really able to tell my whole story. The whole group is great to work with. I have sought help in the past and I really love this place. I have recommended others to try it.” -KJE

“I am extremely grateful to Kevin for guiding our family through an extremely challenging time. He is warm, kind, and extremely well-versed in the work that he does. Interventions are not an easy thing for any group and he helped us understand what to expect and what we needed to do. Kevin was there from start to finish. Our family can’t express our gratitude enough. I can’t recommend him highly enough for any family in crisis and in need of a guiding hand.” -PM

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