Healthy Habits Group Testimonials

"It was so helpful learning how to control myself and have self awareness. It was helpful knowing I am not alone and other people feel the same as me." -BJ

"The Healthy Habits group was an essential part of my recovery from food addiction, binging, and mindless eating. Not only did this group help me realize that I am in control of my eating, it has also helped me accept who I am today and where I am on this journey. I highly recommend this group to anyone struggling with food addiction and /or mindless eating!" - MKS

"This group could not have started at a better time. I felt so incredibly hopeless in regards to my eating issues - I wasn't sure where else to turn. Meeting with you and the Healthy Habits group gave me hope! I've learned so much and have recognized so many positive changes. Thank you!" - HT

"Really awesome group with good "people dynamics." There was a lot of material covered in a short amount of time and it really helped in my mindfulness with food as well as other parts of life." - JRH